Center for Digital Humanities Perm State University


Research and Education Center for Digital Humanities is a subdivision of Perm State University. It was established in January, 2016.

The main purpose of the center's activities is organizing and conducting fundamental and applied interdisciplinary research, covering a wide range of educational activities in the field of information technology in the humanities.

Scientific director: Assoc. Prof. Nadezhda Povroznik,

List of publications

The Center for Digital Humanities was established in January 2016 on the foundation of the Laboratory of Historical and Political Information Science of the Historical and Political Faculty of Perm State University. Now the Center for Digital Humanities is an interfaculty scientific and educational department that conducts research and activities in the broader field of the application information technologies in the humanities.

The employees of the Center are members of Russian and international professional associations such as the European Association for Digital Humanities, Digital Humanities in Nordic Countries, the Russian Association "History and Computer", the Association "Textual Heritage".

The Center carries out scientific, educational and popular scientific projects on the history of zemstvo institutions, parliamentarism, regional periodicals, theoretical research on historical informatics and digital humanities, and creates digital resources on history and cultural heritage. List of projects (in Russian only).

Teachers, researchers and students of the History and Politics, Mechanic and Math and Philosophy and Sociology faculties of Perm University take part in the work of the Center. The Center also cooperates with the Faculty of Philology, the GIS Center, the History Museum of Perm University, and other units of the Perm University. The staff of the Center have been trained in programs in the field of digital humanities and historical information science in the universities of Cologne, Leipzig, Graz, Lion, Prague, as well as specialized summer schools in Kazan, Izhevsk and Ufa.

The Center implements joint projects with the Perm Art Gallery, the Perm Regional Museum, the State Archives of the Perm Region, the Museum of Contemporary Art PERMM and other cultural heritage institutions of the Perm Krai. In 2017, a cooperation agreement was signed with the Cyprus University of Technology.

The Center for Digital Humanities has developed information resources, including "Perm Provincial Periodicals: 1914-1922", "History-Oriented Information Systems", "Parliamentary History of Late Imperial Russia", "Virtual Antique 3D Collection of the History Museum of Perm University", a virtual tour of the exhibition "I Know How to Manage the Universe", and the portal "Museums of Perm University". The Center has won three times in the university competition "Innovators of the Year" in the category "Team of Innovators of the Year in the Social and Humanitarian Sphere".

The Center conducts education courses in the field of digital humanities. In 2017, the first admission to the Master's program in the field of "Digital technologies in sociocultural and art practices" was held. The Master's program prepares graduates with a high level of knowledge in the humanities and professional skills in information technologies, so they are ready to apply them in sociocultural and art practices. In the magistracy, there is a program of academic mobility in cooperation with the Baltic Federal University named after Immanuel Kant.

The Center for Digital Humanities has organized scientific conferences, including the International Conference "Digital Humanities: Resources, Methods, Research" (2017) and Conference "Natural Science Methods in the Digital Humanitarian Environment" (2018).


Center for Digital humanities, Perm State University

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